Piano in Tow

The Piano on the Prairie
December 15, 2007, 6:18 am
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piano-3.jpgOk, so I’m chatting with a friend about future projects and he says, “Why don’t you take your piano on the road?” (Why would I want to do something difficult and cumbersome like that?) He points out that there is a large section of the population in western Nebraska that doesn’t have access to live, classical music performances. Not only that, but by taking my music on the road, I could also do some recruiting for my piano studio at the University (of Nebraska in Lincoln).

Fast forward to now: Over the “Christmas Break,” I must write this grant (so much info requested!), assemble all of the costs for extras like piano tuner, piano mover, climate-controlled trailer, motels, food, gas,  and figure out all the other logistics. Needless to say, not my favorite thing to do.But, I’m excited about the potential of this project. A journey through the Nebraska heartland with a piano literally strapped on my back (Ouch!). I’m looking to borrow a t.v. camera from NETV (the local PBS affiliate in Lincoln) and document my journey. Not to mention the daily check-ins via this space, with texts, photos, and – who knows? – perhaps the odd interview with people and stray dogs I meet along the way.I can see it now: Narboni on the trail of American music in Ogallala, NE. Does anybody know how to get to Ogallala?